Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Party Scene

Alright ladies, lets face it. Partying is fun. Its amazing to let loose and be care free. But the sad reality is that someone is always watching you. No matter if its the teacher supervising the dance or even that bitchy girl who looves gossiping about you.. theyre going to form opinions. and they may not be to pretty. and 87% those opinions get shared with their friends, and then their friend's friends, and then the whole school knows about you grinding up against alllll those guys. seems greeaat at the moment, but its not worth gettin freaky with quite that many bnoys. so lets keep it classy, mmkay? dont get drunk out of your mind if no one else is. nobody wants to be the sloppy girl. and lets face it.. pot? ew. t-r-a-s-h-y. it may seem like a cool way to chill out or something.. but do you really want to be THAT girl? the 14 year old druggie.. who has nothing going for her and is going to end up homeless with no teeth. not really, but you get my point. so next time ur at a party.. keep the drinks limited. avoid the pot.. say you're deathly allergic or something. and make sure you can walk out on your own without needing the support of someone else. and no throwing up in public. 

keep it classy girls.
the perfect teen

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