Thursday, April 21, 2011

Makeup, or making up? the perfect way to hide all those little flaws. but really? its cheating. covering up a little zit is fine. or a little mascara to add a little umph to those lashes. but so much cover up you look like your face is made of cake? yuck. so much eyeliner you look like a freaking raccoon? ew. and lipgloss every day? honestly, who do you think you are? get over yourself and trying rocking the el-natural look. its wayy more flattering. being covering up your body is pathetic. own up to what you've got. if you must, pick one thing to use. like a little mascara. or a touch of eyeliner. you'll end up feeling better about yourself knowing that ur not covering up everything. 

wake up barbie, you look better natural.
the perfect teen

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